Since 1981
by a Master Tea Taster
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Successful Retail Partnerships

The SANCHA brand has established itself as the leading brand in gourmet teas of India stitching together successful partnerships with retail chains, stand alone luxury stores, gourmet food stores and duty free stores the world over since 1981.  Our team is geared towards achieving excellence in modern day retailing through high quality products, class leading logistics, innovative visual merchandizing, planogram assistance and in depth training of our Tea Ambassadors and Sommeliers. 

Potential Retail Partners 

We are looking for partners who share our passion for quality and merchandizing.  If you feel we can fit into your operations/store, please email us at  

Tea Somelliers of the Future 

Choose a career with a difference! We are always looking for passionate young people who have a sensitive palate and have a passion for retail. If you are interested in joining our ever expanding team of Tea Sommeliers contact us at